Most of a programmer’s everyday work involves dealing with data. This includes collecting data from the user, manipulating the data, and displaying data to the user.

As a programmer, you will work with different types of data, and most of the time, you will need to work with collections of data.

So what are collections?

If you’re familiar with programming then you understand the concept of data types such as boolean, int, string, etc.

Now suppose you are working on a library application that displays and manages books. In this case, you have to use a group of objects (books)…

Are you a beginner in android development looking for resources to learn android mobile development using Kotlin?

This post lists a few tutorials and courses that I have found to be valuable for anyone starting out with kotlin android development.

1. Android basics in Kotlin- Google

This is the best course for a complete beginner in android and kotlin. The course assumes no prior knowledge in either android and kotlin.

Google Android Basics in Kotlin

2. Developing Android Apps with Kotlin — Udacity

The course is well organized to teach you the basics of android development using kotlin.

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

3. Build A Simple Android App With Kotlin — Youtube tutorial

This is a youtube tutorial by Philip Lackner on the Traversy Media youtube channel. …

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